Cricket Packages

Cricket began as a game for peasants, played alongside cudgelling bouts and cockfights on village greens during the 18th century in the cradle counties of the sport: Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. But it had within it the potential for a high degree of individual skill and soon attracted the interest of the nobility. It proved an ideal sport for gambling because of the many variables within the game (spread betting is nothing new!) and aristocrats like the Duke of Richmond, grandson of Charles II, brought respectability and prosperity to the game, especially through the large sums wagered on matches. It was the men of title who took cricket to London and to its future as an international sport with skills and dedication unimagined by the early pioneers. A top-level modern cricket match can be a lazy afternoon in the sun punctuated by the sound of leather on willow, an absorbing mind game more akin to chess, or a full-blooded duel between gladiators armed with bat and ball.

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