Sportsdays Ltd

We detail below the terms and conditions on which Sportsdays Ltd take bookings and make arrangements on behalf of its clients. We do not accept any bookings on any other terms.

1. Payment Terms
A deposit of 50%, or any alternative amount advised, is payable on receipt of the Invoice to secure the arrangements detailed therein. The final balance of account is payable 60 days prior to the event. Any booking made within 60 days of the event is payable in full on receipt of the Invoice. Any extras that we organise on behalf of our clients are payable in full, on receipt of the invoice. Should any amounts not be paid by the due date, Sportsdays Ltd, at their sole discretion, will be entitled to treat the booking as being cancelled by the client, and charge cancellation as set out in paragraph 12. Sportsdays Ltd shall not be obliged to despatch tickets, passes and other documentation relevant to a booking, until all accounts have been paid in full.

2. The Contract
The contract to provide the arrangements or facilities shall be created by our acceptance of your booking which will be as from the date on which the Invoice is issued to you. The parties making the Contract are Sportsdays Ltd on the one hand and all clients represented by the person who confirms the booking on the other.

3. What is not included in a package?
All transport arrangements to and from the event, unless specified. All items of a personal nature such as telephone, insurance, etc. Any extra items requested and arranged are chargeable and payable on invoice.

4. What is included in the package?
Only the items in the appropriate sales literature or as further detailed in the Invoice.

5. Timetable of Events
Whilst timetables are published they unfortunately cannot be guaranteed, and cannot therefore be a condition or form a part of a contract. Timetables are subject to alteration without notice, but every effort will be made by Sportsdays Ltd to provide the best alternative timetable possible.

6. The Event/Occasion
Sportsdays Ltd give no guarantee whatsoever that the event/occasion shall take place. Sportsdays Ltd are not obliged to refund any monies paid where an event/occasion does not take place. It is the sole responsibility of the client to adequately insure themselves against cancellation or postponement, for whatever reason, of the event/occasion.

7. Third Parties
Sportsdays Ltd in making arrangements on behalf of its clients, contracts with third parties for provision of all the necessary facilities including the provision of tickets for entry to the event/occasion. In doing so it is expressly agreed that Sportsdays Ltd acts only as agent of the client and that no liability of any kind howsoever caused shall attach to Sportsdays Ltd in connection with or arising out of such arrangements. The contract between Sportsdays Ltd and the client shall be subject to any terms and conditions of contracts with third parties. In the event that such facilities or tickets shall not be available, for whatever reason, any liability of Sportsdays Ltd shall be limited to the return of all sums paid by the client for such facilities or tickets.

8. Alterations or cancellation of arrangements by third parties.
When the arrangements and/or facilities for any event are changed or cancelled by a third party Sportsdays Ltd, will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable alternative and/or secure a refund for the client only of monies paid to a third party, but is not obliged and cannot guarantee to do so.

9. Changes to arrangements by Sportsdays Ltd.
Every reasonable effort will be made by Sportsdays Ltd to adhere to advertised and confirmed arrangements, but Sportsdays Ltd reserves the rights at its sole discretion to alter, omit or change arrangements should it be found necessary to do so, and shall have no liability whatsoever to the client for any such changes, save a refund of any monies not expended.

10. Prices
All prices and arrangements are subject to VAT. Sportsdays Ltd reserves the right to alter published or confirmed prices at any time prior to the event, to cover increased costs incurred.

11. Changes to arrangements by client

Every effort will be made by Sportsdays Ltd to accommodate any changes or alterations requested. Extras will be charged as such. Reduction in the number of a party will be treated as a cancellation, but only in respect of the number of reduced places. In the event that the client is in breach of any obligation under this contract, or has entered into receivership or liquidation, or has become bankrupt or insolvent, then this contract shall be treated as cancelled by the client. In all such cases, cancellation charges in accordance with paragraph 12 shall be applied.

12. Cancellation
If any client wishes to cancel arrangements for whatever reason, the following cancellation charges shall apply: More than 60 days prior to the event and before the deposit due date, as detailed on our Invoice. 10% payable. More than 60 days prior to the event and after the deposit due date as detailed on our Invoice. Deposit only payable. Within 60 days of the event, in all instances whether any monies have previously been received or not. 100% payable.Cancellation must be submitted in writing or by facsimile.

13. Liability
Sportsdays Ltd shall not be liable for any matter whatsoever that is beyond its control, and shall not in any circumstances be responsible for any sequential or indirect loss that may be incurred by the client or its guests, associates and agents, or any third party.

14. Assignment
Sportsdays Ltd reserves the right to fulfill the terms of any booking through any subsidiary of it. In the event that this right is exercised, Sportsdays Ltd will give written notice to that effect to the client. Upon service of such notice upon the client, all rights and liabilities arising under such booking, whether before or after the date of such notice, shall be adopted by the subsidiary and there shall be no liability attaching to Sportsdays Ltd arising from that booking.

15. Descriptions
In compiling our brochure and establishing all our arrangements we have relied on the information provided by third parties. Wherever possible these have been verified. However, should you find anything that is not as described, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can give it our attention.

16. Acceptance
The making of a booking with us, however confirmed, shall be deemed as acceptance by the client of the above terms and conditions.

17. The English Law
This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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