There are few sports in which the ordinary player can aspire to emulate the great heroes. The Sunday morning park footballer will never have the skills of David Beckham, the club cricketer will never flash a bat like Sachin Tendulkar. But even the worst golf hacker will occasionally play a shot that makes him or her think: “Tiger Woods himself couldn’t have done that better.” As a spectator sport, golf is one of the most intimate. Out on the course the watcher can get close to and truly appreciate the elegance and power of the heroes of tee, fairway and green and, while television gives an overview of the state of play, following a group of players or staying put in one place and watching how the best in the world cope differently with a situation gives a fascinating perspective on technique and pressures. And golf, with its centuries-old tradition of fair play and manners, has a singularly civilised atmosphere. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the game is “a good walk enhanced.” It is well-known that golf’s origins were in Scotland, but it did not at first meet with universal approval. It was banned by the Scottish Parliament in 1457 as it distracted men from their more important archery practice.

We are able to offer various Hospitality packages at numerous golf events with packages including private boxes, champagne receptions, guest speakers and top quality food and drink as well as the best tickets for the big occasions.

Please call the office on 01638-666660 or e-mail us for details on the following:
  • Volvo PGA Championship at Wentworth Club, Surrey, England
  • Victor Chandler British Masters at Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel & Country Club, England
  • The Compass Group English Open
  • Open Golf Championship
  • World Golf Championships
  • HSBC World Matchplay Championship at Wentworth
  • Ryder Cup

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